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United States, Atlanta
Important details of Daddy_Luv
Height>6' - 6'3" [185cm - 195cm]
Weight250 - 300 lbs [115 - 135 kg]
What makes me horny
I prefer Hair Pulled Up to reveal Neck & Ears... Light but noticeable Make Up... Red (1st) to Pink (2nd) Lipstick... Major Cleavage a Plus... Jewelry a Plus... Nails painted Red a Plus... *TO START*

I prefer the model be Fully Dressed in an Classy Outfit.... preferably a Wide Bottom Dress (1st)... or a Flowing Big Skirt (2nd)... NO PANTS or SHORTS... *TO START*

I prefer Heels (NOT Feet).... Strappy Sandal Heels (1st)... or Open Toe Heels (2nd)... *The Heels Always STAY ON*

I LOVE to be Teased... Slowly revealing what should NOT be seen… Giving it to me for a good little while… Then unexpectedly taken it back away… I do mind a good STRIP SHOW… I love to watch models dance if they can dance (for SHORT Periods of Time ONLY).

I’m *NOT* into *Feet* or *Oral* or *Anal* or *Squirting*… I prefer they be left out of my sessions all together.

I LOVE Eye Contact… I LOVE Close-Ups especially of her face… And then Full Body Spread shots from Head to Heels… Full Body Shots: Sitting-UP or ON-Back with Legs Spread to various degrees (ONLY)…. NO Doggie or Anything Else.

I LOVE for her to tell me how NASTY she is and loves dick in her pussy... How she use to be so innocent... And now how bad she wants me(specifically).

I LOVE making her cum... Not so much over & over again… But instead... Three (3) Teased Out Monster Orgasms… Where she just can’t take it anymore… With each one becoming more and more intense.

I LOVE to delay my orgasm until I just can't take it anymore... And then for the model to be able to quickly get me hard again... And make me come again... Three (3) times total before the end of the Session... IF SHE'S GOOD !!!

About me
I'm a Black Man from ATL; Tall/Thick Ex-Football Player w/Loads of Stamina
What turns me off
Pants & Shorts.

Hiding your face.

Too much makeup.

Too many tattoos.

Too much feet.

Blow Jobs & Doggie Style.
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